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Olive Oil and Flowers

At the farm we produce a limited quantity of extra virgin olive oil from our 70 years old olive trees: a very fine quality oil that we sell and at a retail price or at wholesale.

Gubbio countryside is amazingly generous!

The main activity of the farm is the production of vase flowers (poinsettia, geranium, cyclamen and other seasonal plants) and cut flowers (lilium, limonium, chrysanthemum and gladiolus).

We have more than 3500 meters of heated greenhouses. In our fields you will find our “Eden Green” animals pasturing: cows, hens, chicks, rabbits, goats, our cat Nuvola and our friendly dog Mery.

The work in our farm

Our Agritourism Farm EDEN GREEN is a family run business.

During winter we clean our greenhouses and we plant cuttings.

Springs comes, afternoons are longer, air is warmer and the atmosphere is filled with the scent of the first blooming flowers and the twittering of birds.

Olive trees need to be pruned and manured, the vegetable garden is seeded and summer cuttings are transplanted.

Our spring flowers are ready to be harvested and commercialized.

And it’s time to prepare the autumn cultivations: poinsettia, cyclamen and chrysanthemum, while we still harvest lilium, limonium and other chrysanthemum.

In summer it’s time to reopen the swimming pool.

The farm is colored by flowers and while the first guests swim we cut grass, we water plants and clean everything. We harvest the first products from the vegetable garden (courgettes, tomatoes, melons…) while on the olive trees the first olives appear, as small as coffee beans.

At dinner time the smell of grilled meat wafts across the garden.

There’s still a lot of work to be done: gardens, plants and flowers need to be looked after and watered, guests come and go.

And in a while autumn is back again.

Chrysanthemum are harvested and delivered, poinsettia and cyclamen bloom. It’s time to harvest and press the olives and to cut the firewood.

It’s almost the end of the year, the first snow appears on mountains tops, it’s time to taste the new oil, poinsettia flowers are beautiful and Christmas lights are on at the Agritourism farm.

Another year has gone by and we are ready for a new adventure!

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